Liberty Court Recorder Notes and Word-Notes

High Criteria Inc. Announces the Immediate Availability of Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes.

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes. Both applications provide further support for users of the Liberty multi-channel Court Recording system. The Liberty Court Recorder is a digital recording application that runs on a PC or laptop and records multiple audio channels directly to the computer hard-drive. The Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes applications allow users to create text notes associated with a recording. Both applications allow for cue points to be created and saved, so that later-on, any particular point within a recording may be quickly accessed.

Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes may be used by judges, lawyers or other courthouse officials. who need to create notes for live or recorded legal proceedings. Once the notes have been created, users may instantaneously jump to any cue point defined in the notes. These applications allow court-house officials to save time making and managing notes and other information regarding audio recordings made and maintained by the court.

Features Include:

  • The ability to create cue points and notes associated with digital audio recordings.
  • The ability to search for text strings within any number of note files.
  • Hot keys for text substitution within the notes.
  • Support for embedding cue points within documents previously created in Microsoft Word.

Both the Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes are immediately available and may be purchased from High Criteria or your authorized Liberty representative. Please see for further details.

Both the Liberty Notes and Liberty Word-Notes run in any Windows environment.

Please contact High Criteria at for further details.

Please follow this link to the Liberty Recording home page.