Version 8.0 Released

January 15, 2020

High Criteria Inc. Announces the Immediate Availability of the Liberty Court Recorder, Version 8.0.

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio / video recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of the newest version of the Liberty Court Recording system for recording courtroom and other legal proceedings. The Liberty Court Recorder is a digital recording application that runs on a PC or laptop and records multiple audio channels directly to the computer hard-drive.

The Liberty System offers an economical, state-of-the-art alternative for those wanting to move away from tape systems such as the Sony BM 246 and incorporate the benefits of a digital audio / video recording system into the courtroom.

Enhancements in Version 8.0 include:

  • The Liberty Court Player program has been consolidated with other Liberty Player programs and is now available as the “Liberty Player V2.0”. Please follow this link to find the download link and install details for the Liberty Player V2.0.
  • When using digital signatures, you can now also use a Time Stamp Authority (TSA) for certification. The Time Stamp Authority facility uses a known third-party to independently confirm the time and day that the recording file is digitally signed. Using an independent party to confirm the signing time and day allows a court to know for sure that the file was not signed at a later time, by adjusting a PCs internal clock.
  • Support for RTSP/RTP streaming has been added to the Recorder. When used with thirdy-party encoders RTSP/RTP strreaming can allow you to stream your proceedings to YouTube or to a Wowza Server.
  • Support has been added for Vaddio IP cameras.
  • The ability to print the pre-defined bookmarks has been added.
  • New support allows for the connection of multiple LR-102s to a single recording computer.
  • New support for Liberty Web Access V5.1 has been added to the Liberty Recorder and the other supporting programs.
  • A number of other internal updates and enhancements.

Version 8.0 of both the Liberty Recorder and the no-cost Player are available immediately. The Player may be downloaded from this website in the support section