Liberty Court Recorder Selected by Minnesota Judicial Districts

Liberty Court Recorder Selected by the Eighth and Ninth Judicial Districts in Minnesota for Courtroom Recording

High Criteria Inc., today announced that the Ninth Judicial District in the State of Minnesota had acquired 32 copies of its Liberty Court Recorder product to replace tape based courtroom recording systems in the State courts. Additionally, the Eighth Judicial District purchased a further 24 copies of the Liberty Recorder for the same purpose.

Both purchases were made after an extensive evaluation and review of all the offerings available in this market segment. Both Districts had been using tape based audio recording devices, mostly Sony BM 246 machines and both Districts wanted to upgrade to digital systems. In each case, the users wanted open systems that did not depend on any type of proprietary hardware. They wanted systems with components that could be replaced by equipment that was available locally, not by equipment that would need to be sent from another part of the country.

The Liberty Recorder was chosen because it addressed the requirements to replace the existing Sony BM246 tape decks and integrated all of the advantages of a PC based digital system. Probably the biggest single factor in selecting Liberty was its simplicity and ease of use. Instead of a day or more of training, users were comfortable using the system after a one hour demonstration. This ease of use means significant savings in the long run, because new staff will not be required to attend costly training seminars, just to understand the audio recording system.

The Liberty Recording system is available through local re-sellers in the United States such as Loffler Business Systems of Minnesota (, BIS Digital Systems ( and Audio Data Systems Inc ( and directly through High Criteria Inc. Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.