Liberty Recording Announces Pilots for New Speech-to-Text Facility

Liberty Recording has developed a pilot facility for converting the spoken words found inside native Liberty recording files into a text document. This program makes use of the Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text engine and as such, a Microsoft Azure account is required to use the system.

The program includes the ability to determine changes in the speaker and label these changes in the text document, based on the degree to which an individual channel is active.

Any Liberty Recording customer who would like to evaluate this pilot facility can contact their Liberty Recording dealer. The system will be made available to any interested Liberty customer. Customers will be responsible for Microsoft Azure usage charges.

The Liberty Court Recorder is available through local re-sellers such as Redfish Technologies of Perth Australia (, JCG Technologies of Scottsdale Arizona (, Loffler Systems of Minnesota (, Northland Systems of Minnesota (, BIS Digital Systems ( and Gramco Business Communications ( and directly through High Criteria Inc.

Please see the Liberty Recording website ( for more information.

Please contact High Criteria at for further details.

Please follow this link to the Liberty Recording home page.