Liberty Court Recorder V6.2

High Criteria Inc. Announces the Immediate Availability of the Liberty Court Recorder, Version 6.2.

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of an updated version of the Liberty Court Recording system for recording courtroom and other legal proceedings. The Liberty Court Recorder is a digital recording application that runs on a PC or laptop and records multiple audio channels directly to the computer hard-drive.

The Liberty System offers an economical alternative for those wanting to move away from tape systems such as the Sony BM 246 and incorporate the benefits of a digital audio recording system into the courtroom.

Enhancements in this release include:

  • The V6.2 release has been certified by Microsoft for use with Windows7. This certification goes beyond “compatibility”. The certification by Microsoft involves submitting the programs for testing by Microsoft and having them confirm that the programs have been designed to work in and and conform with the Windows 7 environment.
  • The Toolbar may now be customized by the end user.
  • An option allows the customer to Broadcast the video, but not record the video of a recording session.
  • Bookmarks may now be seen by the Player program when accessing a mirror file in real-time and in Read-only mode.

Version 6.2 of both the Liberty Recorder and the no-cost Player are available immediately. The Player may be downloaded from the High Criteria web site at

Portable configurations suitable for use with a laptop computer are also available.

Please contact High Criteria at for further details.

Please follow this link to the Liberty Recording home page.