Liberty Court Recorder V4.3

High Criteria Inc. Announces the Immediate Availability of Liberty Court Recorder Version 4.3.

High Criteria Inc, a world leader in computer audio recording systems, today announced the immediate availability of an updated version of the Liberty Court Recording system for recording courtroom and other legal proceedings. The Liberty Court Recorder is a digital recording application that runs on a PC or laptop and records multiple audio channels directly to the computer hard-drive.

The Liberty System offers an economical alternative for those wanting to move away from tape systems such as the Sony BM 246 and incorporate the benefits of a digital audio recording system into the courtroom.

Enhancements in this release include:

  • Support for the pre-definition of bookmark information. The Liberty system allows users to “bookmark” points in the audio recording file. The bookmarks may contain any amount of text data. This new facility allows users to create the bookmarks, at any time before the court goes into session. Any amount of pre-defined bookmarks may be created. This facility allows the user to pre-type any information, before court begins.
  • Enhanced search facilities allow the user to search for any text strings across multiple files. This new facility uses the Microsoft Index Server. Using the Index Server allows the text information in the recording files to be indexed. Instead of searching through all of the audio data for text strings, the Index Server becomes a database system that only searches through the relevant text information.
  • Channels may now be assigned two character channel names, to replace channel numbers.
  • When docket bookmarks are used, each docket or case can automatically become a separate audio file.
  • A new View supports a Speaker column in the bookmarks area.
  • A range of fonts and font sizes may now be used in the bookmark Windows.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) has been added to the Liberty Player.
  • A pop-up alert has been added to notify the operator, should the recording levels fall below a defined baseline. This feature would alert the operator to any type of hardware malfunction.
  • And a range of other features including reliability and availability enhancements were introduced.

Version 4.3 of both the Liberty Recorder and the no-cost Player are immediately available and may be downloaded for evaluation and purchased from the Liberty web site at

Portable configurations suitable for use with a laptop computer are also available.

Please contact High Criteria at for further details.

Please follow this link to the Liberty Recording home page.