Initial Player Configuration

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The Liberty Player is a no-cost program designed to playback Liberty audio recording files. More specifically, it was designed for transcribing the audio created by the Liberty Recorder. The program supports the use of a foot pedal to control audio playback, while the operator is typing in another program, like Microsoft Word.

Once the player has been downloaded and installed, the user may want to check at least a couple of the default configuration settings. To access the configuration settings, go to View => Options, as indicated in the screen below:

Click on the View menu item and then slide the mouse down onto the Options selection.

Establish a Default Folder

You should establish a folder where you save all of your recording files. You can specify this folder to the Liberty Player and the Open File button will always open this folder. To change the default folder, go to the General Tab in the Options and use the Open Icon to drill to the folder where you keep your recording files.

Confirm your Sound Card for Audio Playback

The Playback tab allows you to tell the Player where the audio should be played back. You should confirm that the Wave Device in this Window is set to the sound card device on your PC. If you cannot hear any playback, then it is likely that this setting is incorrect.

Foot Pedal Setup

If you have a Foot Pedal, you should also review this page to read about pedal setup.