How to Configure a Foot Pedal

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The Liberty Player supports the use of the Infinity USB foot pedal to control playback. The user can activate an application like Microsoft Word, and control the audio playback at the same time, by using the foot pedal support.

To configure the foot pedal, the user must first plug the USB pedal into the PC. Then start the Liberty Player and go to View => Options => Foot Control. The following screens will appear. The user should check the Enable Foot Control checkbox in the Foot Control Window. Checking this box will launch the Foot Control Wizard that will confirm the pedal is working properly. Click Next in the Wizard Window to confirm the pedal is working.

The Foot Control Wizard identifies the pedal and then the user should click the Start button and depress the various pedals to confirm their functions. When a pedal is depressed, the Wizard changes the color of the pedal in the Window. Once all three pedals have been checked, the Wizard finishes with a message telling the user that the install is complete.