How to Adjust Individual Channel Volumes and Channel Playback Mix

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The Liberty Player allows the user to adjust the volume on individual channels. If for example, a Judge is speaking very loudly on one channel and a Witness is speaking very softly on another channel, the user can adjust the volume for the Judge down and the volume for the Witness up.

Additionally, the user may select to listen to all of the channels, a single channel or a mix of any number of channels. This mixing capability can be used when multiple people are speaking at one time.

Individual Channel Volumes

By default, the individual channel volume controls are not displayed. To display the individual channel volume controls, go to
“View => Changing Level” in the Player primary Window.
Once the “View => Changing Level” view has been selected, the user will have access to individual volume controls for each channel recorded.

Channel Mix Controls

The user may listen to all of the channels, one individual channel or a mix of any number of channels. By default, the channel mix mode is off. This means that the user can listen to all channels or one individual channel. To turn channel mix mode on, the user must click on the Channel Mix icon  located at the end of the row of channel selection icons. Once the Channel Mix Icon has been clicked, the Player will have mix mode on and the user can listen to a mix of any number of available channels.

This capture shows mix mode on and channels 2, 4 and 6 as active. The other channels are muted.