Video Recording Using the Liberty Court Recorder

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The Liberty Recorder optionally supports the capture and recording of one or more video feeds. The video is saved into the same file as the audio and is available for playback through the standard Liberty Player program. The Liberty Recorder may record and save one or more, complete video feeds. The system does not require picture-in-a-picture compression devices to record multiple video feeds. Instead, multiple complete feeds are captured and recorded. An illustration of the capture is shown in the screen scrape image below.

Liberty Video Recording

During recording, the Liberty application may provide a video preview window(s) as seen below:

Axis IP Cameras

Liberty Recording recommends use of Axis IP cameras with the Liberty Recorder to capture the video feed(s). Axis provides a large selection of IP cameras with different makes and models for different applications. Please review your video requirements with your local Liberty recording dealer, to determine the best make and model of camera for your needs.

The Liberty Recorder also supports IP cameras from Sony, Panasonic and Pelco. Please contact your local Liberty dealer for further information about support for other IP cameras.

Analog Cameras

The Liberty Recorder can also support almost any brand of analog camera. To capture a video stream from an analog camera, a video capture card must be installed. Liberty Recording recommends the use of Osprey video capture cards from Vario Systems to capture the video feed(s) from a standard analog camera. Although the Osprey 460e card is used most often, other Osprey cards will also work with the Liberty Recorder.

The Liberty Recorder also supports analog cameras with video capture using cards from Picolo, and other vendors that support the standard Windows video interfaces. Please contact your local Liberty dealer for further information about support for other video capture cards.