Test the ability to “Stream” DCR file playback over an IP Network

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Instructions on this page show how you can setup and test the ability to stream DCR files over an IP network.

    • Install the Liberty Player Program with streaming support onto your computer. Also install the video CODEC, if applicable.
    • Click on the link below to test streaming playback over an IP network.

Below is a dcrhttp test link.
Clicking on this link should cause the Player program to “stream” the file to the Player program.
Hover your mouse over the link to see the exact format of the link.
IE will likely ask to “Allow” the link to “Open a program on your computer” and you must click to allow this function.
The Player will then likely take one or two seconds to connect to the file. You may then click the “Play” button on the Player user interface.
click on this dcrhttp link to test streaming over an IP network.

Below is a standard http link and you should see that this link will cause the file to download onto the computer.
click on this http link and to test audio download over an IP network.

Below is a link to a wmv file created by our Liberty Presentation Recorder.
click on this http link to test playback of a test wmv file.