Liberty Remote Conference V7.2 Agent Download and Setup Information

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The Liberty Remote Conferencing facility is an optional component of the Liberty Court Recorder. To use the Remote Conferencing facility, the Court must purchase this component from their authorized Liberty Recording supplier and the Recorder application must be licensed to utilize the Remote Conferencing facility.

Anyone assigned by a licensed Court may download, install and use the Liberty Remote Agent software, at no cost. You must obtain a userid and password to logon to the Conference Server. You may obtain such an id by emailing to .

The Liberty Remote Agent software will generally run on any Windows PC with Windows XP or later operating systems. Users must:

(A): Use an industry-standard headset and microphone attached to their PC.
Any headset suitable for making Internet phone calls will work well with the Liberty Remote Agent.
Headsets such as the Plantronics Audio 478 USB Headset, or the CAD U2 Headset can easily be found at your local electronics store or at many online retailers. Do not use a set of speakers, you must use a headset. If you use speakers, the courtroom will be subjected to significant echo effects and the program will not record properly.

(B): Use an industry-standard webcam, if the Court requires video.

For Windows XP computers, when you use a webcam, then you must download and install the XVID Codec for Windows from this link.
The XVID Codec is used with your webcam to send video to the courtroom.

(C): Download and install the Liberty Remote Agent V7.2 software from this link onto your Windows PC.

(D): You must obtain a userid and password to logon to the Conference Server. You may obtain such an id by emailing to .

(E): You must have a high-speed Internet connection to connect with the Conference Server.

After you have installed the Remote Agent program, at minimum, you must specify the High Criteria Conference Server along with your userid and password, in the program Options. Go to View => Options in the Remote Agent program and then go to the “Connection” tab.
Enter the name of the High Criteria Conference Server, that should be, into the Server field of the Options. Also specify the userid and password that you obtained from support@Liberty .

If you will send video to the courtroom, go to the Video tab and check the box that says “Enable video”.