Support for M-Audio devices

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February 18, 2004

High Criteria announces support for various M-Audio components for use with the Liberty Recorder. The M-Audio components connect to the computer with a PCI card provided by M-Audio, a USB cable or a firewire cable. Supported cards include:

  • The Fast Track Ultra 8-XLR USB.
  • The Delta 44 PCI card that supports 4 line level inputs.
  • The Delta 1010 PCI card that supports 8 line level inputs.
  • The Fast Track Ultra 4-XLR USB.
  • The USB Mobile Pre that supports 2 mic level inputs.
  • The Firewire 1814 card that connects to the PC with a firewire cable and supports 8 line-level inputs.

The Fast Track Ultra 8-XLR USB is pictured below.

The Delta 1010 is pictured below. The associated breakout box may be rack mounted.

The Delta 44 is pictured below.

The Fast Track Ultra 4-XLR USB is pictured below.

The USB MobilePre 2 channel Pre-Amp is pictured below. It facilitates 2 channel audio recording and connects to the PC with a standard USB connection.

The Octane 8-mic pre-amp or the Audio Buddy 2-mic pre-amp may be used with any of the other M-Audio products when microphones will be connected directly to the recording system.

The Octane 8 mic pre-amp is pictured below.

The Audio Buddy 2-mic pre-amp is pictured below.

M-Audio devices are supported by various versions of Windows from Windows XP and later.

While the M-Audio devices support recording in both WAV (WDM) and ASIO mode, High Criteria recommends use of ASIO mode with the Liberty Recorder.

Further information on M-Audio devices be obtained from M-Audio at

Please refer to the documentation that came with your M-Audio device, prior to installation. Contact High Criteria or your Liberty sales representative, if you have any questions concerning the installation.