Support for Dante IP Audio Protocol

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Dante is a audio transmission protocol designed to run on standard ethernet networks using the IP protocol. Dante network traffic may co-exist with other types of standard IP traffic on the network and can pass through a network router. A number of Dante enabled devices may be connected to a network, including multiple microphones, mixers, sound amplifiers, and recording computers. Dante was originally developed byAudinate. Dante is now supported by over 200 OEM manufacturers, including Yamaha, Bose, EAW and many other major manufacturers of professional sound equipment.

To implement support for the Liberty Recorder, you must install the Dante Virtual Sound card onto your PC. The Dante Virtual Sound Card creates an ASIO driver on the PC that can receive Dante audio from the standard IP port on the computer.

You may download and purchase the Dante Virtual Sound card from Audinate.
Please note, the Dante Virtual Sound card is not developed, marketed or sold by Liberty Recording.

The Dante Virtual Sound card was tested by Liberty Recording using a Yamaha MTX5D processor with 8 microphone inputs. Please contact Liberty Recording, or your Liberty Recording dealer, with any questions about using Dante equipment with the Liberty Recorder.