Burning CDs using the Liberty System

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Introduction to Burning CDs

To burn CDsĀ duringĀ recording (mirroring), your computer must have UDF CD support installed. If, however, you are planning to burn the CDsĀ afterĀ the recording has finished, your computer must have ISO CD support installed. To confirm your configuration for either type of CD burning, please read the XP or the Vista instructions below, depending on the version of your operating system.

Using Windows XP and Burning CDs

Burning CDs During Recording on WXP:
For burning CDs during recording (mirroring), you must install third-party software from Roxio called Drag-to-Disc. Drag-to-Disc was part of Roxio, prior to V10.0, but was no longer included beginning with V10.0 of Roxio. So, you must use Roxio V9.x or below, to mirror your file during recording. Drag-to-Disc allows Windows to write UDF type CDs, which are required in order to burn CDs as you record. There are numerous versions of the Roxio software, but as long as you install Version 9.0 or lower, it will be fine. Roxio has removed the Drag-to-Disc component from their software package in versions 10 and up.

If Roxio 9.0 is installed along with Liberty Court Recorder V5.1, then a patch must be applied to the Liberty Court Recorder. The patch changes the ejecting algorithm to function properly with the Roxio V9.0 software. The patch can beĀ downloaded from this link. Download and execute the file and the patch will be applied. You are now ready to mirror to CDs.

Burning CDs After Recording on WXP:
For burning CDs after the recording is complete, using either the Player software or the Manual Mirroring option in the Recorder, you must install a Microsoft update called the IMAPI API. This update can be downloaded from the Microsoft website locatedĀ by following this link. This update facilitates burning ISO type CDs, to allow for burning CDs after the recording is finished. Installing the update involves a simple execution of the downloaded file.

Operators must also be granted permission to use the facilities provided by the update. Complete instructions on how to grant the required permissions can be found at a Microsoft pageĀ by following this link. Once you have completed these steps, you should be able to burn CDs after the recording is complete.

Windows Vista:

Windows Vista comes with both UDF and ISO CD burning support already installed. However, in order to burn CDs in real-time (mirror), the CDs must be pre-formatted. If the CD is not pre-formatted, then the user must belong to the Administrators or Backup Operators groups. To add the user to either the Administrators or Backup Operators groups, please see the screenshots below. User Account Control must also be turned off. Complete information about this requirement can be found atĀ this Microsoft page. Once the User Account Control is turned off and the user is added to the applicable group, then the Liberty Court Recorder will format the CD and it will be ready for use.

Users should also note that the Vista UDF writing support does not close the CD session. This means that the CD may be updated, after the recording file has been written. This is a Windows Vista design and cannot be controlled by the Liberty application.

Go to “Start” and click on “Control Panel”. This is the classic view of its contents.

Click on “Administrative Tools” within the “Control Panel”. It will lead you to this window.

Once in “Administrative Tools”, navigate to Local Users and Groups on the left side and proceed further into Users. You should be able to see a list of all users on your computer.

Right click on the user you want to grant permissions to and select “Properties”. In the new window select the “Member Of” tab.

Select “Add” and type in the name of the group (“Administrators” or “Backup Operators”) into the text field. Click “Check Names” to see if the group is recognized, and click “OK”. The user is now a member of another group.