Support for TASCAM / TEAC ASIO Devices

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The Liberty Recorder supports use of the TASCAM US-1800 to capture up to 8 separate audio channels. The US-1800 connects to the computer via a V2.0 USB port on the computer. The US-1800 supports 8 mic level inputs with 8 XLR connections and associated pre-amps, or 8 line level inputs.

In most cases, the microphone cables that might currently be directed to a tape deck device, such as the Sony BM-246 multi-track recorder, can simply be unplugged from the BM-246 and plugged back into the US-1800. Additional hardware is not required.

The TASCAM US-1800 replaces the TASCAM US-1641 recorder which is now discontinued but was previously supported by the Liberty Recorder.