Support for BIAMP Tesira FORTE

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Liberty Recording has multiple dealers who have used the BIAMP Tesira FORTE to with the Liberty Recorder. The following instructions are made available for those users wishing to use the Tesira Forte with the Liberty Recorder to capture the courtroom audio.

Tesira FORTE’s USB audio port can be used to receive or transmit up to eight channels of digital audio to a PC. This page provides instructions for configuring the systems to use the Tesira FORTE with the Liberty Recorder.

Create a Tesira FORTE Configuration and Connect via USB to the Recording PC

The first step to integrate the Tesira FORTE with the Liberty Recorder is to create a Tesira configuration file that includes USB blocks. While Tesira FORTE’s USB interface supports both sending and receiving of audio signals, most court recording implementations will only require the Tesira FORTE to send audio signals to the recording application. Therefore, in most cases, only USB Output blocks will be defined and used in the Tesira configuration.

Tesira FORTE USB blocks can be created via the I/O Blocks menu in the Tesira FORTE Object Toolbar. USB blocks can also be inserted when a set of Tesira FORTE blocks are added to a configuration. When configuring the USB blocks for this application, the USB blocks should be in “Line In/Out” mode, and in most cases you will only use “Output Channels Only”:

Next, connect the Tesira FORTE to the computer with a USB cable. When you connect the USB cable to your computer, it will automatically detect the Tesira FORTE and will automatically install the drivers. Once connected, the Tesira FORTE will show as an audio device in Windows. You can verify this by going to the Sound dialog of the Windows Control Panel.

In Liberty Recorder Options; Use Type of Drive Equals Wave

You can connect the Liberty Recorder directly to the Tesira Forte by using the related Wave driver for recording. In the Liberty Recorder options, specify “Wave” as the “Type of Driver” as seen on the “Recording” tab of the Liberty Recorder options.

Use of 3rd Party Program called “ASIO 4 All”

Older versions of the Liberty Recorder sometimes required the use of a 3rd party program called “ASIO 4 All”. The “ASIO 4 All” program is not required with current version of the Liberty Recorder and its use is not recommended. We recommend that users upgrade to the latest version of the Liberty Recorder and that they uninstall the “ASIO 4 All” program.