Playback Problems with Video Files on Windows 10 Computers

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March 17, 2017: Windows 10 Update Causes Playback Problems

Notice that on or about March 14, 2017, Microsoft released a maintenance update for Windows 10 known as KB4013429. Installation of this update onto a Windows 10 operating system would seem to have introduced a catasrophic error for programs that try and use the system to decode video files. Such a problem may be encountered by Liberty Player users who playback files that include video, on a Windows 10 computer causing the Player program to terminate with errors.

Subsequently, on or about March 20, Microsoft provided the update known as KB4015438. The installation of KB4015438 would seem to address the problem introduced by the initial update on March 14.

Any Windows 10 users who are experiencing playback issues should confirm that the KB4015438 update is installed.

You may quickly determine the updates that are installed on your computer by going to Cortana on the computer and searching on “Windows Updates” and then selecting “Windows Update Settings”. Next select “Update History” and the history of updates will be displayed. You should see KB4015438 in the list of updates. If you do not, then you must have this update installed onto the computer.