Output of Audio to a PA System through the Liberty Court Recorder

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Liberty Court Recorder is able to playback recordings through the PA system. Appropriate configuration of the PA system is a prerequisite to using this facility. . Below are instructions on how to configure the PA system within Liberty Recorder.

To access the settings for playback, go to View=>Options and click on the Playback tab on the left hand side. The playback settings should appear on the right side of the window. Confidence monitoring is likely to already be configured. To configure the PA system playback, simply put a checkmark beside “Use PA system”. The type of driver should be set to “Wave Device”. Under device, select the output device that will be connected to the PA system, as can be seen in the picture below.

Now that the PA system is configured in Liberty Court Recorder, it can be used by going into the playback module of the application. The playback window may be accessed by going to Tools=>Playback Window. In the playback window, at the top there are 2 buttons: Confidence and PA system. The user may choose where to output the playback by pressing on either of the buttons. Selecting PA system will play back the audio through the PA system, as can be seen below.