How to find text strings in the audio recording files

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The Liberty Player has an extensive search facility that allows it to search for any text string that may have been entered into the audio recording files. This search facility can look at either all the text data or, if the site is using Docket style bookmarks, then the search can be restricted to certain fields in the data. For example, you could search for all instances when the Defendant was named “Doe”. The result would show all files where the string “Doe” appeared in the Defendant Name field of a Docket style bookmark.

Go to “Tools => Find in Files” to initiate a search.

Before initiating a search, the user must specify the folders (and optionally the subfolders) to be searched. The user must specify this required information in the Find Where input boxes.
After the location of the files to be searched is specified, the string to be found must be entered into the Text field.

If Docket style bookmarks have been used to create the recording, then the user can restrict the search to certain fields. For example, the user could restrict the search to the Defendant field.